About Abre Las Puertas

Who We Are

Abre Las Puertas exists to help organizations improve communication both internally and externally. We want to be a part of helping you communicate effectively so you can grow your community (and keep it growing). Our focus is on providing project-based communication resources. This helps our resources be available to small businesses and organizations of any size.

Our Experience

We will work hard to share your vision with the world through writing, designing, editing, and promoting content relevant to you and your audience. Connection is key and it is my favorite part about what I do.

I have over fifteen years of experience using digital tools to communicate on various platforms. Communicating cross-culturally has been a major part of that communication almost since the beginning. In those fifteen years, I have worked with a variety of programs including Microsoft (Office, Notes, Powerpoint, Publisher, and Word), Canva, Instagram Business, Facebook Business, Meta-Suite, Mailer-Lite, Mail Chimp, Planning Center, Kindred, Salesforce, Notes, Cap-Cut, Hoot Suite, Later Media, Link Tree, QR Code Generator, Wix, WordPress, and G-Suite (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Forms, etc.) Most of my experience has been with non-profits; however, I have also enjoyed partnering with small businesses.

Our Methods

My goal is to help you communicate effectively and efficiently with the key people in your industry. Key people include your staff or team, your current clients, previous clients, and then new or potential clients. I prefer to help you attain or maintain clear communication in that order because we want to help you strategize for a solid and sustainable future. For some, that starts with working on better communication with your staff or team. Maybe, you have a solid team, but you need to build relationships with customers so they keep coming back. Or, you could have already mastered those things and are ready to take it to the next level by engaging with new clients.

While Microsoft used to be the ideal choice of software, it is no longer the most cost-efficient for many small businesses and non-profits. The tools and resources we use have changed over time. Our current favorites are Canva, G-Suite, WordPress, and Mailer-Lite although we are always learning about more ways to improve communication and user experience. We place a high emphasis on analytics and measuring success based on statistics that matter. When you have your initial goal-setting meeting with us, we will discuss what those are for your organization.

Our Staff

Rachel, our founder, has over fifteen years of experience digitally creating documents, presentations, flyers, and more to communicate various messages with others. In the non-profit sector, she has spent over five years fundraising to meet salary and project needs by connecting with donors. She has been able to come alongside multiple organizations to boost their ability to communicate and run effectively.

Her love for learning and building community has shaped the vision for Abre las Puertas. She has received a certificate from Google in Digital Marketing and continues to further her education as digital communication is constantly changing. In addition to experience with a variety of digital resources, she has also received a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services with minors in Spanish and Religion as well as a K-6 General Education Licensure with an ESL add-on. Rachel has lived in North Carolina, Texas, Costa Rica, and Tennessee. She is also fluent in both English and Spanish. Reaching people across cultural (and language) barriers is extremely important to her and brings an added bonus to what we can offer your business or company.