Who We Are

Rachel, our founder, has over fifteen years of experience digitally creating documents, presentations, flyers, and more to communicate effectively with others. In the non-profit sector, she has spent over five years using digital communication in the world of fundraising to stay in connection with donors to meet salary and project needs. Using her natural abilities in administration, along with skills from experience in a variety of fields, she has been able to come alongside multiple organizations to boost their ability to communicate and run effectively. 

She has received a certificate from Google in Digital Marketing and continues to further her education as digital communication is constantly changing. In addition to experience with a variety of digital resources, she has also received a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services with minors in Spanish and Religion as well as a K-6 General Education Licensure with an ESL add-on. Rachel has lived in North Carolina, Texas, Costa Rica, and Tennessee. She is also fluent in both English and Spanish. Reaching people across cultural (and language) barriers is extremely important to her and brings an added bonus to what we can offer your business or company.