Communication Workshops

The customers you meet every day might have communication challenges you will never know about. Let us work with you to help you reach those people more effectively so they will feel comfortable doing business with you.

Two specific populations I have worked with are non-native English Speakers and Adults with Mental Disabilities. In both groups of people, there are specific strategies your organization can start using to be more marketable to a broader range of people.

In the education system, many individuals are given aids to help them get through school, but if you never needed them, you may not realize how confusing your messaging is to other people. In our communication workshops, we will talk about how to show better customer service to a wider range of customers. We will also lead your company through some potentially stressful communication scenarios to discuss beforehand how to handle them – that way when they do happen, your employees are ready.

Boost Confidence and Communication

Connect with More Customers

Make more Friends & Keep them Coming Back