ESL Workshops

Do you know someone who needs to learn (or practice) English in a specific context?

In many lines of work, there is vocabulary specific to that field that would be helpful for non-native English Speakers to know. Knowing the basics is great, but sometimes not knowing the details can be the most frustrating.

We can work with you to give a workshop or a series of workshops to help your organization learn (or gain confidence) in your most commonly used scenarios.

I, Rachel, have taught English as a Second Language to adults in Costa Rica for nearly three years. I experienced firsthand why research says the best way to learn a language is to use it and use it frequently. I also found that many adult learners actually knew a lot of English, they just need more targeted practice to build their confidence so they can use it correctly. In all of our English workshops, my goal is that students walk away knowing how to confidently use key phrases to ask and answer questions related to a specific topic.

Here are some ideas for English Workshops we can offer:

  • Giving and Receiving Basic Personal Information
  • Work History and Resume Building
  • Restaurant Language – How To Order and Take an Order at a Restaurant
  • Shopping Vocabulary I (Groceries and Cleaning Items)
  • Shopping Vocabulary II (Other Household Items and Major Appliances)
  • Finances – Working with Numbers, Bank Accounts, and more